How to pick up guinea pigs – a short guide on how to pick up a guinea pig

Guinea pigs are adorable creatures that make great pets for adults and children alike. However, just like with many pets, you have to make sure you take proper care of them. Here are some tips for picking up guinea pigs.

How to pick up guinea pigs

A short guide on how to pick up a guinea pig

In the UK, there are a number of pet stores that sell guinea pigs. When you are looking at the guinea pigs in the pet store, you will notice that some of them are really cute and snuggly. Some of the guinea pigs are very nervous and try to run away when you pick them up.

If you want to pick up a guinea pig, here are some tips.

1. Choose a guinea pig that looks quite relaxed and calm.

2. Never pick up more than one guinea pig at a time. Guinea pigs are very strong and will try to get away from you if you pick up two of them at the same time.

3. Turn the guinea pig around so you can see its backside. Guinea pigs have a scent gland that is on the middle of their back.

4. With one hand, gently start stroking the guinea pig’s back. This will make the guinea pig relax. Once the guinea pig relaxes, you can pick it up very easily. If the guinea pig starts to struggle, you are picking it up too early.

5. If you are holding the guinea pig, pet it and make sure it stays calm. You can tell a guinea pig is calm if it leans against your hand or sits still while you pet it.

6. When you come home with your new guinea pig, it is a good idea to keep it in a small area at first.

The importance of picking up a guinea pig correctly

If you’re planning to get a guinea pig as a pet, then you are probably familiar with some of the basics involved. For example, you’ll need to make sure that your guinea pig has a cage to live in, and you’ll need to make sure that the cage itself has a solid bottom.

Guinea pigs are good at making sure that they have solid footing, but you’ll still need to make sure that your guinea pig feels comfortable and safe. When you’re picking up your guinea pig, you’ll also need to make sure that you do so correctly. Otherwise, you might end up hurting your guinea pig or even yourself.

The benefits of picking up a guinea pig correctly

Guinea pigs are popular pets and there are many benefits to having them. They are low maintenance, don’t require a lot of space, and are really easy to look after. You don’t need a big cage or to give them daily attention. One of the biggest benefits of guinea pigs is that they live longer than most other pets. Guinea pigs can live up to 8 years, which means you don’t need to worry about finding a new home for your pet within a year or two.

Are guinea pigs good for kids?

So you want to buy a guinea pig for your child, but you’re not sure if guinea pigs are good for kids. These little pets are popular for a lot of reasons. From their small size to their cuddly appearance, there are many reasons why people are attracted to guinea pigs. But how do they fare as pets? Guinea pigs are not the easiest pet to maintain. They require a lot of time and attention.

But they’re not just a burden. They’re also a great source of entertainment and affection. So is a guinea pig a good pet for a kid? Well, that depends on the kid. Some kids are great with pets, while others aren’t. If your kid is interested in taking care of a pet, guinea pigs would be a great choice. Here’s why:


If you have ever owned a guinea pig, you know that they are not so easy to pick up and move around. They are naturally skittish animals and they don’t always like to be touched. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t pick them up and move them around.

In fact, with a few simple steps, you can lift a guinea pig without getting hurt. We’re going to teach you how to pick up a guinea pig in this blog, so if you are new to the animal world, you can read on to learn how to do this.

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